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The CBL is the largest recreational and semi-pro-based basketball league organization in the United States with close to 30,000 players, coaches, and team owners in our database. In 2019, the CBL will launch International league operations.

The CBL was officially launched in September of 2008 by Jamar Johnson, Founder & Chief CBL Commissioner. The first summer league season took place in the Founder and Chief CBL Commissioner's hometown of Elkhart, IN from May to August in 2009. 

From the first year of inception, the league sold out registration and had a waiting list of players wanting to play in the league. The CBL started with 144 players and today the CBL has over 27,000 players throughout the United States.

The CBL was founded on two simple principles: 

1. That those who love the game of basketball be given the opportunity to experience the game at the "professional" level.

2. That those individuals be allowed to "monetize" their love and passion for the game.  

For the millions of players that won't make it to the NBA, the CBL provides a solution to the painful and demoralizing experience and problem of not making it.

The CBL gives players, coaches, and team owners an opportunity to keep their love for the game alive and pursue their dreams! 

Our Mission:

  • To positively impact people, communities, and businesses by providing the best recreational and semi-pro-based basketball league service and experience.

Our Vision:

  • To be the world's best recreational and semi-pro-based basketball league that gives players a platform to love the game, achieve personal growth and development, and pursue career opportunities.


Community Benefits

Membership and Greater Community

  • Create a community of like-minded and passionate players

Education/Mentorship Program

  • CBL Playbook & Podcast: Provides life skills and development

Player Development

  • Players can use the CBL to develop and pursue playing opportunities at all levels.

Health and Wellness

  • Great way for our participants to stay fit and healthy

Giving Back to the Community - Ticket Program

  • Homeless and family transition service organizations
  • Adoption and foster family service organizations
  • Food Bank organizations

The CBL does not offer youth leagues or teams, but we do provide FREE youth camps, clinics, and training by way of the generosity of our league sponsors.


Membership FormatS

The CBL Exposure Leagues have two participation opportunities. Player membership and team ownership/license membership.

Player memberships consist of four draft pick levels:

  • Walk-On Player
  • Free Agent Player 
  • 3rd Round Draft Pick Player
  • 2nd Round Draft Pick Player
  • 1st Round Draft Pick Player 

Team/League Ownership memberships offers three licensing levels:

  • Head Coach/Team Captain Team
  • Free Agent Team Owner
  • Community Team Owner
  • Minority Team Owner
  • Majority Team Owner
  • League Owner Owner


Why is this Information Important?

We hope that you find this CBL information helpful because we want you understand how to best use (as well as help us improve) the platform that we have built for players, coaches, Basketballpreneurs/team owners, and our business supporters/sponsors.

Most players and people come to our league with the mindset of the traditional basketball league model that is commonly utilized. The CBL membership platform was created for individuals who love the game of basketball and want access and opportunity in the professional basketball marketplace.

Therefore, we focus on empowering our participants and giving them control over their development, career, and cash prize earning potential using our basketball league platform.

To your success!

Join. Play. ACHIEVE!!!


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