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Why sponsor/advertise with the CBL?

Sponsors and advertisers will have the ability to impact people, communities, and businesses by being integrated into the CBL’s advertising, marketing, and public relations strategies. This integration will also prove to assist sponsors and advertisers with reaching “their” desired business potential and/or objectives. The CBL will attract a vast demographic of consumers by addressing their interest in basketball/sports, family entertainment, and their need for various business products and/or services.

The CBL has an array of advertising, marketing, and public relations solutions for businesses that need to effectively reach and appeal to a broad audience within the U.S. CBL advertisers and marketers will have the opportunity to interact with consumers in a very creative and personal way that has not been duplicated by any other sports organization. Whether the objective is branding, direct response, or goodwill, the CBL sponsors and advertisers can customize their advertising and marketing solutions to reach and optimize results. To get more information about the CBL’s demographic please contact


Sponsors and advertisers of the CBL will have the opportunity to take advantage of a captive and diverse audience by using innovative ad, PR, and marketing solutions. The CBL’s ad, PR, and marketing products will give sponsors and advertisers the ability to track their image impressions and also cost-justify their CBL sponsorship and advertising investment with our pre and post season impressions report. The CBL’s cost effective sponsorship and advertising solutions will help companies with achieving their marketing objectives.

The technologies that the CBL will utilize will enable sponsors and advertisers to place rich media, as well as interactive advertising content by way of the CBL Playbook (becoming trusted advisor in your subject matter), CBL Media Guides ads, CBL TV ads, CBL Radio ads, CBL Weekly eNewsletter, CBL Street Flyers, CBL Banners, CBL Player Uniforms, CBL Arena Underwriter, CBL Referees, CBL All-Star Contest, and CBL Executive Underwriter.

CBL: Ideal for B2C Advertisers

The CBL has created a better way for sponsors and advertisers to have a unique branding opportunity that will allow them to reach a broad audience and allow them to interact with their consumer targets in a more effective and “endearing” way.

Ideal CBL sponsor/advertisers with CBL survey usage %:

  • Fitness facilities, products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Automobile products/services (87% of players said they use)
  • Insurance products/services (68% of players said they use)
  • Clothing/Sports Apparel products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Energy drink products (58% of players said they use)
  • Nutritional food products (100% of players said they use)
  • Health-Beauty products (100% of players said they use)
  • Telecommunications products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Financial/tax/accounting services products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Alcoholic beverage products (32% of players said they use)
  • Restaurants/Eateries (100% of players said they use)
  • Grocery/convenience stores (100% of players said they use)
  • Healthcare/medical products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Educational institutions/services (34% of players said they use)
  • Furniture retailers (100% of players said they use)
  • Appliance-electronic products/services (100% of players said they use)
  • Entertainment-music-gaming products/services (100% of players said they use)

Get Results Marketing with the CBL

The sports business industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States. The Sports Business Journal’s annual survey estimated the sports business industry last year at $213 billion, with sponsorship ($10 billion) and advertising ($30.86 billion) representing noticeable billing within the industry. It is far more than twice the size of the U.S. auto industry and seven times the size of the movie industry on a national scale. On a national scale we estimate 9.8 to 10.8% of the population to be active sports/basketball enthusiast.

The CBL can help its sponsors and advertisers with perfecting their brand message, with perfecting their brand effectiveness, and with measuring the impact (financial and non-financial) of their sponsorship or advertising campaigns with the CBL. After each season the CBL team will conduct an in-depth brand analysis and present the findings to each sponsor and advertiser. Advertisers and marketers should understand that even in the worst of economic conditions, successful sports organizations (amateur or professional) are a draw for people in our country, and the CBL will prove to be a cost effective and synergistic way for business’s to market their products and/or services.

Click below to request a customized CBL sponsorship proposal for your business.