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1. Certified and non-certified high school officials will be used to call all games.

2. Games will consist of four 14 minute running game clock quarters. The last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, the game clock will stop on the whistle. Teams have to use the 15 second player substitution times during the quarters as timeouts. Player substitutions will be at the 10, and 6 minute marks of each quarter (stop game clocks) and no substitutions on dead-balls. Coaches/Team captains have the ability to select the players after the 6 minute mark of the 4th quarter.

3. The league may implement a 24 second shot clock at the Championship Final game only and not during the regular season.

4. The CBL will use general basketball game rules (i.e., 3 seconds in the lane, 3 pointers, and 3-point-play continuation, possession arrow, etc.).

5. Each player will have six player fouls.

6. Slam dunks will be worth 3 points.

7. CBL teams can have a designated 4 point-shot if the home team is able to get a floor decal sponsor.

8. Players/teams must present ID to opposing team owners, Head Coaches, or Team Captains for pre-game check-in and. Players must also wear uniforms for all games. A player can be prohibited from playing in a game if he does not have his/her official team uniform. Only players are allowed to sit on team bench during games.

9. If a game goes into overtime, the GM, Coach, or team captain(s) for each team can select who they want to play during the overtime period(s).

10. The first overtime period will be two minutes, and if there is a second overtime it will be decided by sudden death: first team to make a basket.

11. The Commissioner, Director of Operations, Director of Promotions/Events, Director of Security, or the Director of Game Officials have the authority to call a running two-minute Commissioner’s timeout as a penalty for unwarranted play by both teams or to de-escalate negative player or team issues.

12. Game and player stats and power ranking will be updated weekly on our league website.

13. Each team must play 6 official CBL games (exhibition games will not count as official game) to qualify for each quarterly tournament lottery. Teams that play the most games per quarter season will be seeded the highest in the post-season tournaments.

14. There will be no player/team trades or additions to the team rosters 15 days prior to the quarterly tournaments.

15. Any reported fights or altercations among players or teams will result in an immediate dismissal from the CBL Exposure League will result in a 365 day player suspension and the ejected player’s team will get an automatic forfeit of the game and any cash prizes will be awarded to the other team.

16. Teams cannot be currently participating in any other semi-professional, minor league, or professional basketball leagues (i.e. ABA, PBL, IBL, CBA, etc.). A team cannot have any current semi-pro league or overseas players on their team.

17. Team and player registration is year-round, but the player membership prices are subject to increase at any time.

18. Team Owners and General Managers can only select and draft players that are currently on the CBL player draft list. If a team plays a game with a non-CBL player member, the team will get an automatic forfeit of the game, any cash prizes will be awarded to the other team. The team owner will also be assessed a $500.00 league fine.

19. Any team no-show games will result in an automatic forfeit and any cash prize payouts will be awarded to the other team. If a team is a no-show for any game the team owner can be assessed a $300.00 league fine in addition to the league game fee.

20. If your team is selected to be the host of a post-season tournament game you will have 48 hours to schedule the game after receiving a tournament game host notification. The host team must notify the opposing team and CBL corporate office of the date, time, and game location within the 48 hour timeframe.  If the host team fails to schedule the game and notify the opposing team and the CBL corporate office, the game will be considered as a forfeit and the visiting team will advance to the next game or level of the tournament.  

21. All teams must play a minimum of 6 regular season games to make the quarterly post-season tournaments. Teams that do not meet the minimum 6 regular season game requirement will be required to buy into the tournament at 10% of the tournament cash prize. 

22. Player and team owner cash prizes are paid each week on Friday during the regular season and the following Friday after every post-season tournament. Cash prize payments cannot be paid until the "official" CBL iScout game stats have been posted by the game statistician. The game statistics must be submitted by 12pm EST/9am PST on Monday of each week. If the game stats are not submitted by this time, the cash prize payout will be processed on the following week pending the game stats have been posted.

* Games rules are subject to be added to or changed at any time by the CBL Management.