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Learn how you can earn over to $200,000 per year as a CBL team owner.


who are ideal team owners?

Anyone who is entrepreneurial minded with a desire and passion to do something great in their community, loves basketball, and wants to help provide opportunities players. The CBL is the best basketball team ownership opportunity available in the industry. You will be helping players and yourself! Join our league today and see why we are the fastest growing basketball league business in the US!


Team Owner Tournament Cash Prize Potential:

Tournament Level Teams Required Team Owner Cash Prize
City Champions 16 Teams = 100% CASH PRIZE $3,500.00
State Champions 24 Teams = 100% CASH PRIZE $6,500.00
Regional Champions 32 Teams = 100% CASH PRIZE $10,000.00
National Champions 64 Teams = 100% CASH PRIZE $25,000.00
Total Quarterly Earning Potential  ---------------------------> $45,000.00
TOTAL YEAR EARNING POTENTIAL  ---------------------------> $180,000.00


Click here to see the Team Owner Regular Season and Tournament Cash Prize Pay Chart.

Team Owners do not and cannot pay players any of their cash prize winnings. Players are paid regular season and tournament cash prizes based on their individual player membership level or status. Team Owners that do not adhere to this league Bylaw will be in breach of the Team Ownership license agreement.

Click here to see available team license locations.


mandatory team Owner requirements:

  • All teams must use the CBL's iScout basketball stats app system (CBL corporate office provides login access)
  • All teams must use the CBL uniform vendor or have the CBL uniform logo on all player uniforms
  • All players must be registered members of the CBL to be placed on a team roster and in the league statistics system
  • Team Owners cannot pay players to participate on their teams (the CBL Corporate office manages player regular season and tournament cash prizes based on individual player membership level or status)
  • Team Owners cannot accept player membership payments, all players must make their membership payment via the CBL website for record keeping purposes.


Team owner responsibilities:

  • Responsible for working with and coordinating team administration with CBL corporate office
  • Responsible for hiring you team staff and coaches and negotiating their pay 
  • Responsible for recruiting and signing your coach (if you don't coach your team) and your coach can assist you with recruiting your players
  • Responsible for selling your team's sponsorship products and services to local businesses
  • Responsible for finding a facility and scheduling your practices and games via the CBL app
  • Responsible for any court rental cost for practices and/or games
  • Responsible for insurance cost (CBL can assist with insurance)
  • Responsible for purchasing team uniforms (Majority team ownership package comes with 14 custom uniforms.
  • Each team will play a minimum 6 regular season games plus the quarter season tournament.

Be sure to review the Team Owner FAQs page for frequently asked questions.


team ownership investment:

Check for Today's Team License Special Offers. Financing is available for those who qualify!


quarter season schedules & SEASON BREAKDOWN:

  • January - March: Q1 season
  • April - June: Q2 season
  • July - September: Q3 season
  • October - December: Q4 season

The CBL corporate office issues the game schedules for all leagues and teams nationwide 3 to 4 weeks before each league quarter season start date.

The Quarter Season 90-Day Schedule Breakdown:

  •    0 - 30 Days - Team Training Camp
  • 31 - 60 Days - Regular Season Games
  • 61 - 90 Days - Post Quarter Season Tournaments


League Directors, Team Owners, GMs, or Coaches cannot accept membership payments from players.

Click here to see Team Owners most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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