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Little Rock Lighting Hosting $10,000 Exhibition Game

By CBL Corporate Office, 08/09/18, 10:30AM MST


Little Rock Semi-Pro Basketball Team Having a Cash Prize Exhibition Game Up to $10,000


Local Resident Starts a Community-Based Semi-Pro Basketball Team

To Help Showcase and Develop Little Rock Basketball Talent.

Little Rock, AR August 10th, 2018 - The Community Basketball Leagues (CBL) is bringing its newly created semi-pro basketball league to the Little Rock area. The unique concept of the CBL is their focus to create semi-pro basketball teams by filling team rosters with local players in their communities.  

Jushun Blackmon is a Little Rock resident and he is the majority team owner and player of the Little Rock Lighting team. Jushun heard about the CBL league last year. Soon after researching the league and speaking with the league’s Chief Commissioner, Jamar Johnson, he knew this was something that he wanted to bring to the City of Little Rock.

“I love the CBL’s team ownership and playing opportunity that they are providing to players that would otherwise not be able to own a team or play at the semi-pro level. Little Rock has some great players and I believe we can compete in the CBL’s national league, said Blackmon.” 

The CBL has over 27,000 players and hundreds of teams registered nationwide. The CBL does not pay player salaries, but it does have cash prize compensation plan for each game they win and it is also based on each individual player and team owner’s league membership level.

Team owners can earn up to $1,000 per game and players can earn up to $100. Both players and team owners are eligible for post-season tournament bonus cash prizes as well.

The CBL league in conjunction with the Blackmon and the Little Rock Lighting team will be hosting a league orientation and exhibition game with a cash prize up to $10,000.

14 Players or a team that has registered to play against the Lighting team will be selected via a raffle during the orientation and announced at the event.

The league orientation and game is scheduled for August 18th, 2018 at the West Central Sports Complex 4521 John Barrow Rd. Little Rock, AR 72204. Door will open at 5:30pm CST.

For more information or to register as a player or team email or go to  


Jushun Blackmon is a native of Little Rock and is the Majority Owner of the CBL’s Little Rock, AR semi-pro basketball team. The Little Rock Lighting team offers youth basketball development camps and business and community advertising opportunities.