Do You Have a Deep Passion For Basketball, And You’re Ready To Have a Professional Experience?


“Now YOU Can Play Competitive Semi-Pro

Basketball And Get Paid Without

The Hassles of Tryouts or Worrying About

Trying To ‘Make The Cut’ Every Time…”

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“The CBL Exposure League is great for players who need of a platform 

to develop and establish a pro basketball career!”

~Shawn Kemp, 14 year NBA Veteran and 6 time NBA All-Star
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Who says the NBA or overseas professional leagues are the only way to

play basketball and earn money playing the game you love?


Now they’re not…

You’re about to discover a whole new way to play professional basketball, where you’re finally in full control of your basketball destiny. This is the type of league that players have always dreamed about, and now we’ve brought those dreams to life.

Now there’s another way to make great money playing the sport you love, basketball, AND have fun along the way. Instead of having to jump through hoops of basketball tryouts, or getting on a team that will take you, and more…now YOU will have the power and control of how often you play PLUS how much you can make.


“Introducing The CBL Exposure League…”


logocbl1Now, a whole new era and movement in semi-pro basketball is taking the country by storm, and players and fans simply love it! The CBL Exposure League is unlike any basketball league in the world. It’s bringing the power back to the basketball player.

Basketball is a multi-billion dollar sporting industry that is popular all across the world. But the majority of the money in the game has gone into a relatively small number of pockets.


“Now the CBL is changing the game, and bringing the professional
basketball experience to players in communities all across the USA…”


The CBL is a recreational semi-pro basketball league that’s focused on giving players the enjoyment of playing competitive basketball, and profiting at the same time. Our focus is on spreading the wealth to the players…instead of going more into the pockets of league team owners and executives.

Now the huge market of 18+ year-old basketball players in the amateur leagues has an avenue in which they can play basketball without having to find a team, making the cut in tryouts, and beyond. The CBL uses a smart and efficient process that capitalizes on the explosive growth in basketball on all levels, and this unique league will soon be popular in every major state and community in the USA.


“Here’s How The CBL League Works
For Passionate Players Just Like You…”


We’ve made playing competitive basketball and earning a great income as simple as possible for you. Our goal was to setup a basketball environment and platform that has an easy entry point, without the typical barriers of other leagues (try-outs, once a year opportunities, etc.) and we give you the opportunity to earn MONEY as well year round. In the CBL, you have more control than ever as a player.


So here’s how it works…

“It’s as simple as joining the league and selecting the team you want to play for…
It’s as easy as that!”


Basketball fans and players are both hungry for more community-based teams and play. And fans are willing to watch talented basketball players like you in their own community. This means you have an opportunity to not only show off your skills, but to also gain even more experience and money along the way.


“We’re in need of great basketball players just like yourself who LOVE
the game of basketball, as well as talented team Head Coaches as well!”


The CBL focuses on serving 5 different groups and to provide them all unique opportunities. These groups include…


The CBL has been built and created a fun, yet tight-knit community of hungry and passionate basketball players, as well as raving fans. Our unique league platform allows players of all skill levels to succeed.


“Our re-engineered business model provides players the amazing opportunity
to earn from playing in our league and quarterly tournaments!”


If a player is truly dedicated to playing in our league, they can earn a cash prize simply playing the sport they love. In 2018, the CBL is aiming for a $1 MILLION dollar national tournament cash prize for our league teams.

So here’s how the player cash prize pay works for each player membership level:

*Disclaimer: Please note that the player cash prize pay total is based on player participation, a winners takes all tournament/game outcome, maximum Player Invitational Tournaments registration, players playing 6 regular season league games per quarter. 


“The CBL Isn’t Just Another Semi-Pro Basketball League…”


It’s an experience. We’re a platform built to create an opportunity for you to play basketball, be part of a strong community of great players, coaches, fans…as well as earn great money and further your professional basketball career along the way. The CBL gives BOTH men and women (WCBL) the chance to showcase their basketball talents and skills to a raving fan base of basketball lovers who are excited to cheer you on. Playground Play

At the amateur and recreational level, basketball is at its most PURE and NATURAL form. This is where players are really hungry to play, and fans love to watch up-and-coming talent.

This is the time when the magic really happens in basketball…and now the CBL captures it all!

The MORE players that join, the MORE money you can earn in cash prizes. By not joining, you simply are leaving money on the table that could be yours, plus you’ll be missing out on a chance to play in a league that supports you 100%.

The CBL loves and cares about its players, the coaches, the fans, the sponsors and more!

We understand that if we don’t fully support and show our love to the players and everyone who makes us a success, we wouldn’t be a success. Without great players, and great fans and sponsors, we wouldn’t exist.

That’s why it’s our #1 PRIORITY to provide a basketball platform and semi-pro league that serves everyone, and creates opportunities for everyone as well.

We’ve made sure to avoid some of the negative aspects and tactics that other semi-pro basketball leagues STILL use such as…




It’s Really Simple: In The CBL, Everyone Who Participate Can Be Winners!


“The CBL Is Helping Players Just Like You

Here’s Just Some Former Players From The CBL That Are Doing

Great Things in Their Basketball Careers and “YOU” Can Be NEXT!”


Anthony Kyle

Former CBL and NBA Development League Fort Wayne Mad Ants Player. Current Overseas Player.

KA Italy

Karvel Anderson

Former CBL and College Player. Currently Playing in Italy.

MH Elkhart

Michael Hadley

Former CBL and Overseas Player. Holds all-time single game scoring record of 51 points.

Mark Stevenson

Former CBL Player with South Bend Magicians. Currently playing overseas and semi-pro.

 Don’t just sit on the bench… Join the league today and be a part of this new basketball movement!


“Are YOU Ready To Take The Leap Into The CBL League

and Start Earning Great Money While Playing The Game You Love?”


This is YOUR time to shine…

This is YOUR destiny to take your game to a whole new level of fun, competition and having the rare opportunity to earn great money along the way…

The CBL is looking for amazing and talented players just like you. And there’s no better time then right now to showcase your skills to our fans that wants to hear and learn about your story and see you play!

The ball is in your hands now…




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