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1/19/2016 CBL Exposure League turns pick-up games into professional basketball

12/18/2015 New Tech Basketball League Becoming the Uber & AirBnB of the Industry

7/17/2014 Pro sports league gives students opportunity to manage teams

7/3/2014 National Community League Program Offers Professional Basketball Experience

6/18/2014 CBL player NBA bound

9/16/2013 CBL announces the new Staley Rule for E-League players

8/22/2013 Aaron Herbert of Philadelphia becomes newest team owner

8/21/2013 Funding up to $35,000.00 for CBL team owners

8/13/2013 CBL Welcomes New Team Owner of Scottsdale Synergy

8/9/2013 New Grant Opportunity to Fund E-League Player Cost Nationwide

7/31/2013 CBL E-League Team 24 Hour Sale!!!

6/25/2013 Ben Pope Become New Owner of South Bend Magicians (South Bend, IN)

5/29/2013 What CBL E-League Players Can Expect

3/20/2013 The CBL Announces New Team Ownership Opportunities

12/21/2012 CBL Announces Stephen Cason as New Team Owner of Portland Rainmakers – Yahoo News!

5/24/2012 CBL Player Orientation Meeting June 2nd, 2012 in Elkhart, IN

5/8/2012 Free CBL Youth and Adult City Tournament in Elkhart, IN

4/6/2012 CBL: You could get paid big bucks to watch basketball

3/23/2012 Community Basketball Leagues Use Crowdsourcing Backers for Shot at Big Time

8/17/2011 NBA Lockout: New Community Leagues Captures Attention of Players and Fans

6/12/2011 Children and Adults Nationwide Are Embrancing the Three C’s of Basketball

3/18/2011 Semipro basketball on horizon for Elkhart

10/04/2010 CBL Million Dollar National Tournament

10/01/2010 CBL Austin Jesters article

8/9/2010 CBL semi-pro basketball league teams having open try-outs

7/9/2010 National pro basketball franchise launches in-house financing

6/29/2010 New CBL franchise starts in Detroit, MI (press release)

4/6/2010 CBL media and community day Saturday

3/25/2010 Growing CBL gears up for Year 2 and beyond

10/16/2009 New Basketball Franchise Expanding

8/04/2009 CBL Players Go To Top Kansas Jr. College Program

8/04/2009 CBL Detroit (Elkhart CBL League) Wins Inaugural CBL Title 

7/12/2009 CBL Battle Game – Team Concord 90, Team Elkhart 62

7/11/2009 Pittman Finds a Good Fit in CBL

7/10/2009 CBL All-Star Weekend Kicks Off Tonight

6/26/2009 CBL Charlotte (Elkhart CBL League) Leads League by 2 Games 

6/18/2009 CBL Weekly Updates, Standings, Schedule and Leaders

6/12/2009 CBL Race is Tight

5/21/2009 CBL Hits Court Tonight in Elkhart

5/21/2009 Chief CBL Commissioner on WTRC radio interview

1/28/2009 News media press conference coverage

1/29/2009 CBL Will Offer New Form of Entertainment

9/04/2008 Co-ed Basketball League Debuting in 2009


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