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About the CBL Exposure League & Player Invitational Tournaments

Thank you for your interest in becoming a player or team general manager in the CBL Exposure League. Before you dive into our websites, videos, and content that we have published in various places we want to give you a quick overview that will give you a basic understanding of our league and how it works.

The CBL Exposure League and Player Invitational Tournaments are for players that love playing the game of basketball on a competitive level. The CBL does not require players to have high school, college, or professional playing experience or background. We cater to players that are currently playing in adult basketball leagues or competitive pick-up games, but desire a professional basketball league experience. The CBL can also serve as a platform for our players and general managers that would like to pursue college, overseas and professional basketball opportunities. The ball is in your hands!

Basketball Leagues Overview

Within the professional basketball industry the most visible brand in the world without a doubt would be the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA is also known for showcasing and rewarding its players with multi-million dollar contracts each year. The NBA is also a part of the Minor Basketball League category with it NBA Development League, also known as the NBA D-League. Due to our membership-based business model, the CBL Exposure League falls into the semi-pro basketball category. Our players are on a cash prize system, and not on a game contract system. Our player and team participation is always subject to the player or general manager’s desire to participate.

Here are the 6 levels of the basketball leagues landscape:

  1. Professional Leagues
  2. Minor Basketball Leagues
  3. College Basketball Conference Leagues 
  4. Semi-Pro Leagues: CBL Exposure League
  5. Pro-Am Leagues
  6. Competitive Adult Recreation Leagues and Tournaments

The CBL Player and General Manager Participation Format

The CBL Exposure League has two player and general manager participation opportunities, the Player Invitational Tournaments (PITs) and the CBL Exposure League (team play). Also, there is no league fee to become a general manager and start a team in our league.

The PITs was created for our large database of players that have expressed interest in our league, but do not or have not been drafted to a team in their area. The PITs allows for a player to join our membership and start playing in our weekly PITs across the cross the United States right away. The CBL Exposure League is our traditional league where a person starts and team (general manager) and plays against other CBL league teams locally and nationally.

Both the PITs and the CBL Exposure League have cash prize opportunities where players and general managers can win money by playing games and/or tournaments. Our game and tournament cash prize system is a winner’s take all game competition. Our operating procedures and rules keep our cash prize payouts transparent for our players, general managers, and the CBL corporate office. See our Become a Player, Become a GM, and FAQs page for more detailed information.

Why is This CBL Exposure League 101 Information Important?

We hope that you find this CBL Exposure League 101 information helpful because we want you understand how to best use (as well as help us improve) the platform that we have built for players, Basketballpreneurs, or as business supporters. Most players and people come to our league with the mindset of the traditional basketball league model that is commonly utilized. The CBL platform was created for individuals who love the game of basketball and want access and opportunity in the professional basketball marketplace. Therefore, we focus on empowering our participants and giving them control over their development and career using our platform.

To your success!

Join. Play. EARN!!!

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